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We came together as a team because we have a shared love for common sense and problem solving and believe the only way to get things done is to do them. Our geeky family has rich history in robotics, software and hardware development, machine learning, computer vision, product design, government relations, corporate innovation, civil engineering, architecture and obviously window cleaning.


Co-founder & CEO


Co-founder & CTO

Ohad Simon

Path Planning & ROS

Ori Orion, PhD

Head of vision & mathematics


Leslie Mitts

Nir Ben Zeev

Sarah Persitz

Iko Assa

Dr. Gabor Kosa



Mechanical Engineer Intern


Mechanical Engineer Intern


Mechanical Engineer Intern


Mechanical Engineer Intern


Mechanical Engineer Intern


Henrik ERB

From Germany

My name is Henrik Erb and I am a medical engineering student from the FAU Erlangen in Germany. I signed up for the program “The New Kibbutz” and applied for an internship position at Skyline Robotics. The whole process of applying was pretty straightforward. So I came to Tel Aviv in November of 2017 to accomplish my three-months internship at Skyline Robotics.

During my first days at Skyline Robotics Avi, Yaron (CTO and CEO) and myself sat down to speak about what my skills are and what I want to achieve during my internship. So, from the beginning I was able to work on tasks I was interested in. I started with PLC programming to set up the communication with the robot and later implemented a graphical user interface (GUI) to control the robot via the PLC. Between these two main tasks, I did small interesting jobs here and there like creating an Arduino case in CAD and 3D printing it, building a server-based wiki and setting up a graphical desktop sharing system for our robot.

What I liked most about my internship at Skyline Robotics was that my tasks were not just really interesting, but also had a big impact on the progress of the company. I was able to gain a lot of experience on the work environment of a start-up in one of the world’s best start-up hubs: Tel Aviv.

In conclusion, I can just recommend doing an internship at Skyline Robotics in Tel Aviv. The city is amazing and Avi,Yaron and the rest of the team are great people I had a lot of fun working with.

Janis KRIZ

From Germany

I am Jannis, studying Engineering Science at TU Munich and came to Tel Aviv for the last 4 months to do an internship in the rising Israeli tech sector.

Starting at Skyline Robotics as an intern I was involved in real projects from the task pool straight away instead of getting exposed to occupational therapy exercises. Therefore one felt quickly needed within the small team which was motivating and also resulted in a steep learning curve. It was emphasized that the best workflow is achieved through interest in the task so picking tasks usually followed one’s own personal preference.

Consequently even though my background is more from the mechanical engineering side I was able to gain exposure into programming and also new fields like computer vision and simulation. While getting into new fields and working on the prototype, independent working and organizing ability was definitely required. Together this improved my self teaching skills. Although everybody had their own projects, brainstorming together and figuring out solutions in the team took place frequently.

Besides that I really enjoyed the casual atmosphere within the young team and the flexibility given.

I wish the team the very best for the future and hope to see you guys again soon!

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